Shared Value
Currently, the role of business in society has evolved over time, which is reflected in an alignment of the success of companies with the success of communities, moving from a philanthropic approach to corporate social responsibility, and from there, to a model, with an approach that goes beyond CSR called ‘Creation of Shared Value’, which mainly consists of generating social and economic value to the entire value chain.
The ‘Creating Shared Value’ approach was developed by Dr. Michael Porter considered the Father of Business Strategy.
At TCL Organic we aspire to execute sustainable projects over time where shared value can really be put into practice.
With our plans we want to ‘Teach How to Fish’ and not ‘Just Give the Fish away’.


Better Machinery, Higher Quality

This particular project has consisted of the delivery of work tools (threshing machines) by TCL Organic. 12 threshing machines were destined to the chain of our small organic producers in the area of Capiibary – Paraguay.
A threshing machine is an agricultural tool that separates the grain from the impurities, removes it and cleans the seed by means of screens.
With this machine, producers will be able to have a better product to deliver and thus learn to raise quality standards. With a culture of ‘Improving the quality of the product’ they will be able to improve more and more in order to have greater economic prosperity.
Each thresher has a value of USD 8,000. Thus totaling a delivery of machinery amounting to USD 96,000
Play the video to know the result of the project!

From the field to the university

With this project, TCL
Organic intends to finance University Scholarships that will be destined to the
children of the members of our Small Producers Chain in the fields.
The university
scholarship will be for the career ‘Agronomic Engineering’. The goal is to provide to the producer’s son or daughter all the knowledge and technical skills to become a professional in the area.
That way she or he can
contribute to the family’s organic production, improving it more
This is how we intend
to achieve value creation and sustainability over time.

Recycling is
the answer!

The environmental matter today is an essential issue that should be of great interest to all companies. At TCL we are starting with small actions such as conducting small campaigns to raise awareness of hazardous waste for the environment, as well as applying waste classification policies at the time of disposal. In addition to that we are working with local recyclers to whom we donate our recyclable waste.
Bigger projects are coming and with greater impact!
The Environment is everyone’s responsibility!

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