“Companies must take the lead in bringing business and society back together.“

Michael Porter

Contribute to improve health in the world by delivering a high quality product, as well as preserving the environment through non-traditional agriculture, thus satisfying the needs of our customers, consumers, producers and collaborators.



Transparency, Commitment, Loyalty.



We sell our products in bulk, under our own TCL Organic brand or as private label. We ship to countries on all continents. Our clients are reputable brands, food manufacturers, and brokers. They choose TCL Organic because we have proven to be the perfect business partner for companies seeking quality, volume, reliability, responsiveness, and problem-solving capacity. Our dynamic growth is an experience we seek to share with our customers, evolving hand-in-hand.



On May 17, 2011, a couple of adventurous Peruvian businessmen Cesar Zorrilla and Thomas Tidow had the vision to introduce and promote the planting of this wonderful seed, always with the mission of providing health to the world.

At the beginning as in any business there were certain difficulties, but we quickly learned to overcome and finally achieve our goal.

Today with great pride we can confirm that we have the best chia plant in the region, as well as the most efficient production chain of small and medium farmers in Paraguay.




We have invested in technology and top-quality materials to ensure that we have full control over our entire production process. And we want our clients to know that, with such high stakes, they can trust us to manage our business professionally.

In Paraguay, we own and operate a facility for the production of organic seeds with an installed capacity for over 440 tons per month.

Our plant is the only one in the world with Thermoshock Technology. This consist in a machinery that provides a heat treatment that reduces the microbial load of the product and eliminates any presence of biological organisms like insects. This is a process which does not use chemical products at all.

With this specific method developed in-house and many other procedures during the production process we can ensure the quality of our product.



We follow strict internal processes to ensure the best possible quality. Our in-house laboratory allows us to monitor our processes and products constantly. We have obtained the most important food safety and quality management certifications, allowing our clients to rest easy in the knowledge that they have chosen the right partner